Projects By Picture

I always want to do something different that what we're all used to. This page is a photoblog of many of my projects that I have been involved in. A couple of pictures plus a small description that tells us all what is going on and what it means to me, you, and everyone else!

Album Covers

Profit Music Group Album Covers

Wurdsmyth Album Cover

I designed this album cover for a client using hand drawn artwork. February 2011

Show Fliers

Fliers For Profit Musik Group - 2010-2014

Flier for Final Outlaw with help from UnaSolaVida in February 2011

more fliers that I made

VLC Projects

These are little tricks I do in VLC that I think are worth sharing by all means.

Corporate Branding

Micom Systems Branded items made 2010-2012

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Computer Builds

Computers I've built throughout time

Hardware I've worked with

Epiphan DVI2PCI

BlueCherry Single input

Blue Cherry 4 Input

Black Magic HDMI

LED Boards