About Teale Sloterdijk

Inside Teale's mind

Teale is truly a unique individual in the way that his mind works. He starts off with a constant and tries to deduce a reason for that constant along with why the answer to the dimension of the constant is never perfect. He further applies rules to operations with that function to come up with every possible scenario that could result thereof. Most commonly found breaking something down that is seemingly simple only to expose an underlying complexity that one would have commonly overlooked which could in effect break the flow of process and association.

Behind the Skills

Teale grew up in an industrial complex with several unique and common businesses. Through the ages of 6 and 18, Teale participated in various activities within these confines. One could say that this was a very in-depth on the job training but for him it was just a way of entertaining boredom. From carpentry to fabrication, lighting to plumbing, precision machinery to electronic circuitry. If you can name an activity that is productive, there is a good chance that Teale has taken part in that activity through one form or another. Furthermore, if you could name an activity that is productive that he hasn't already taken part of, chances are he will partake in it. There are certain caveats to this as logic deems necessary and while still complying with the first section of this page.

Part of Our Community

Teale has been in Tennessee since June of 2010 and has been an active member of the community since. Teale volunteers his time every chance he gets because it gives him something to do and also because it is an excuse to get off of the computer. Whether he is helping make game day a zero waste event or working in his garden, he does the best he can do and goes above and beyond every chance he gets.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Vision

Teale has been studying artificial intelligence and machine learning since 2013 and is working on a few concepts. He knows that singularity is eminent and the question isn't if but when. With a combination of ASIC chips and high speed busses, Teale could manage to get the data to where it needs to be. He wont tell you much but he will say that he is working on it.


Teale is very proficient with the computers, has good sales abilities, a pleasant personality, and is an asset to the business. Also, he puts in extra effort with his customers.
Carole Kopjoe (615-662-0198 a.m.)

Teale is knowledgeable about computers and servers, aware of the needs of small businesses and helpful in implementation and ongoing maintenance.
Monte Rhodes

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